Christmas UK EuroMillions 2012 : Millionaire Raffle

This Christmas period is extra special for the Euromillions lottery, as the midweek draws fall on Christmas Day and New Year's Day! To celebrate this rare occasion, Euromillions are holding two special versions of the UK Millionaire Raffle for players of the UK Euromillions game, which will see 50 players win an instant £1 million prize.

This special game is a little like the 100 UK Millionaires Draw held by the Euromillions to celebrate the opening of the Olympic Games back in July 2012. However, instead of making multiple millionaires on one draw night, it will give players two separate chances to win one of these raffle prizes – as they are holding a draw on Christmas Day and New Year's Day, each of which will see 25 players to win a £1 million prize.

Christmas Day Millionaire Raffle

To coincide with the Christmas Day Euromillions draw, there will be a special version of the UK Millionaire Raffle which will see 25 millionaires being made. Players do not need to do anything out of the ordinary to enter this game, simply buy their UK Euromillions ticket for the draw on Tuesday 25th December 2012 which will come with the usual UK Millionaire Raffle code. Then, sit back and watch the draw! You will have 25 chances to win a £1 million prize on Christmas Day as 25 raffle codes in total will be drawn.

New Year's Day Millionaire Raffle - Another 25 Millionaires

Everybody feels a little deflated after the fun and excitement of Christmas Day, and lottery players are no exception! So, to extend that Christmas cheer just a little further, the UK Euromillions draw on Tuesday 1st January 2013 will be making yet another 25 ticket holders instant millionaires, by giving away another 25 x £1 million prizes!

Simply ensure you have a UK Euromillions ticket for the New Year's Day draw, and you could be one of the 25 people having a truly amazing start to the year!

What About The Euromillions Draw?

Whilst it is too early to say what the Euromillions jackpot will be for either draw, players can take comfort in the fact they can still win a prize on the Euromillions draw even if they win the Christmas Millionaire Raffle. Each lottery is separate, so you can technically win on both – which would make you one of the luckiest players in Europe!

So, do not forget to check your Euromillions numbers as well as your Millionaire Raffle code for each festive draw, and see if you will be starting off 2013 with a whole lot of cash!