Friday 13th April to be Lucky Date for 13 UK EuroMillions Players

Friday 13th April to be Lucky Date for 13 UK EuroMillions Players
Tuesday, April 10, 2018

An exciting month for EuroMillions players will continue on Friday 13th April, with the UK National Lottery putting up 13 guaranteed prizes of £1 million to mark a date usually synonymous with bad luck. The announcement follows hot on the heels of a big jackpot win last week, while there is also a Superdraw to look forward to later in April.

Millionaire Maker

The 13 prizes of £1 million will be given away in the Millionaire Maker, a raffle-style game exclusive to UK players. Everyone who buys a EuroMillions ticket in the UK is automatically entered into the Millionaire Maker and receives a unique code for each set of numbers they select.

The code is clearly displayed on the ticket and consists of four letters and five numbers. All eligible codes are entered into the draw on the night and winners are selected at random, ensuring that all prizes are guaranteed to be won. There are only two winning codes in regular draws, but special draws are occasionally scheduled to tie in with big events or specific dates.

When a special Millionaire Maker draw takes places, it gives players a better chance of winning incredible prizes. The odds of matching all five main numbers and both Lucky Stars in the main game are fixed and never change from draw to draw, but the chances of winning in a game such as Millionaire Maker depend on how many prizes are available and how many players take part.

Millionaire Maker can only be played in the UK, but ticket holders in the other eight participating EuroMillions countries have their own supplementary games to enjoy. France’s My Million, M1lhao in Portugal and Spain’s El Millon all create millionaires in their respective countries. Find out more about all of EuroMillions’ additional games.

EuroMillions Jackpot Winner

It is possible to win a prize in one of the supplementary games and the main draw, and the EuroMillions jackpot will always be the top target for players across the continent. One lucky ticket holder from Switzerland scooped a sensational CHF89.4 million (£66.4 million/€76.1 million) on Friday 6th April, ending a run of six rollovers in a row stretching back to Tuesday 13th March.

The top prize will now go back to €17 million (£14 million), but even if it gets won again in the next few draws it will jump up to €130 million (approximately £113 million) for a Superdraw on Friday 20th April. Superdraws use money from the Booster Fund to offer huge guaranteed jackpots, and only take place a few times a year.

If you want to keep the feelgood factor going in April and become a big winner yourself, you can get involved online or head down to any authorised retailer in one of the participating countries. Good luck!