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Canada Lotto Max Results

The Canada Lotto Max results are available to view on this page just a short time after the draw at 21.10 EST each Friday. The Canada Lotto Max results initially only include the numbers drawn but will be updated within a few hours to include the prize breakdown along with the number of winners on each of the seven prize tiers available from this Canadian lottery. There will be occasions when the prize breakdown and number of winners for the Lotto Max results are delayed and this is predominantly when Maxmillions are in play as extra draws take place and more calculations are required to determine the prize money for each prize tier.

Latest Canada Lotto Max Results and Winning Numbers

Friday - 17th April 2015
7 11 14 15 19 30 41 22
Canada Lotto Max Results for Friday 17th April 2015»

Latest Canada Lotto Max Results

Canada Lotto Max Jackpot Breakdown for Friday 17th April 2015

Prize Level Prize Winners
Match 7 $30,000,000 0It's a Rollover!
Match 6 plus Bonus $182,200 2
Match 6 $8,474 43
Match 5 $118.70 3,837
Match 4 $20.00 84,873
Match 3 plus Bonus $20.00 78,886
Match 3 $0.00 743,419

To win the Lotto Max jackpot players have to match the seven main numbers drawn. There are seven main balls drawn and a bonus ball for this lottery which has a current matrix of 7/49 and 1/49. A one off fee is charged to play Lotto Max and for this a player will get three sets of seven numbers. It is only the first set of numbers that they are able to choose themselves, the remaining two sets are chosen at random. The minimum amount that the Lotto Max jackpot will be CAD $10 million and they can roll continuously but the jackpot is never able to exceed CAD $50 million. Should the jackpot reach the cap of CAD $50 million then the Maxmillions game is activated.

Previous Canada Lotto Max Winning Numbers

Results Date Winning Numbers
Canada Lotto Max Results for Friday 10th April 2015
7 8 16 18 24 25 46 37
Canada Lotto Max Results for Friday 3rd April 2015
10 11 23 28 32 34 41 29
Canada Lotto Max Results for Friday 27th March 2015
3 7 15 23 29 31 45 46
Canada Lotto Max Results for Friday 20th March 2015
Including Max Million
Results for this draw
7 10 16 35 36 42 45 24
Canada Lotto Max Results for Friday 13th March 2015
2 8 10 15 17 20 24 14

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Canada Lotto Max

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