Number Generator

Picking lotto numbers is a big responsibility - just a few clicks of an online form and you could have made the selection that brings you that huge, dream jackpot win.

Each set of numbers is as likely to come up in the winning line as any other, so there is no magic formula for guaranteeing that you will become a lottery millionaire. However, you can certainly increase your odds of maximising any prize that you do win. Most people will pick their lotto numbers based around dates of birthdays or anniversaries, which means that anyone choosing numbers over 31 will be less likely to have to share a prize with lots of other people if they end up winning a big prize.

The best way to select your potential winning line is to ensure that it is completely random, and this is where the Lotto Number Generator can help. It will pick up to ten lines for you which can be used to play some of the world’s best-known and biggest-paying games like EuroMillions, Mega Millions, Powerball and SuperEnalotto.

For other lotto games, simply use the drop down boxes to generate the perfect line and visit the Lotto Tickets page to try those numbers out!