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How To Buy Lotto Tickets Online

Playing lotteries from around the world is possible thanks to our recommended online lottery concierge theLotter, who make sure that the tickets you order for a lottery are bought by their trustworthy local agents. For the price of the tickets and a small handling fee, you can share in the excitement of some of the world’s biggest money jackpots from the comfort of your own home. It’s reassuringly simple:

Secure Buying

The lotto ticket payment system is entirely safe and secure for your peace of mind.

Number Generator

When you choose your numbers for a lottery, you will receive a scan of the ticket which will be placed into your online account.

Money Bag

Your winnings will be paid into that account as well.

Anyone lucky enough to land a big prize such as a jackpot will be guided through the process of claiming their winnings in person, just like the player from Iraq who pocketed $6.4 million on the Oregon Megabucks game in August 2015. After the man’s win was confirmed, theLotter helped him through the claims process, ensuring that he could fly to the US to be presented with his cheque.

Proof of Purchase

Buying lottery tickets online is safe, quick and easy and means that you can’t mislay or damage the ticket that provides your only proof of purchase. Without any evidence that you bought a ticket for a particular draw and containing certain numbers, you will not be able to claim the winnings that you are due. The last thing you’d want is to win a huge lottery prize and not be able to claim it because you couldn’t find the ticket!