Biggest Lotto Prizes

Lotto games around the world all have their own jackpot prizes and with multiple draws each week, rollovers as well as special jackpot games, we often see record breaking jackpots available across the globe. The biggest lotto prizes cannot be pin pointed to any one continent but there are some world jackpots renowned for boasting the biggest lotto prizes; including multi-state games in the USA such as the Mega Millions and the Powerball, the Italian lottery of the SuperEnalotto and of course, the popular pan-European game of EuroMillions to name just a few. This page takes a look at a selection of the biggest lotto prizes won to date by visiting separate continents and taking a brief look at the jackpot prizes created by the lotteries in the countries of that continent.

Biggest Lotto Prizes in the USA

Of course some of the biggest lotto prizes from the USA have been generated by the multi-state lotteries, but the smaller state lotteries have also created some pretty impressive jackpot winners too.

These are just a few examples of the biggest lotto prizes won in the USA.

Biggest Lotto Prizes in Europe

The EuroMillions is a pan-European lotto game that is played by multiple countries so it will come as no surprise to find that this lottery has produced some of the biggest lotto prizes from around the world. The biggest lotto prize ever won in Euromillions was by Chris and Colin Weir from the UK on 12th July 2011, draw number 397. This jackpot was created after multiple rollovers and actually took the EuroMillions jackpot to its cap for the first time in the week prior to Chris and Colin Weir actually winning the top prize.

However, the EuroMillions game is not the only lottery that produces some of the biggest lotto prizes – Italy’s Superenalotto is renowned for rolling over simply because it has such a high number matrix (players have to predict six main numbers from 90 to win). The biggest lotto prize to date created by the SuperEnalotto was €177,729,043, and was won on 30th October 2010 by one lucky ticket holder.

Biggest Lotto Prizes in Australia

Australia is not shy in producing big lotto prizes, and on 30th June 2009 the Oz Lotto game saw a jackpot of A$106,549,984 shared amongst two ticket holders - one from South Australia and another from Queensland. Although advertised at A$90 million, the Division 1 prize pool was substantially higher thanks to increased ticket sales.

Australia also has its own Powerball lottery – a multi-state game similar to that found in America. Whilst the biggest lotto prize for this game didn’t quite make it to the impressive A$106.5 million of the Oz Lotto, it did reach the A$80 million mark on 30th July 2009 and was won by two lucky ticket holders.