German Lotto 6aus49

The German Lotto, known as the 'Lotto 6 aus 49' has been available to play since 1974. It is managed and run by the Deutscher Lotto- und Totoblock (DLTB) which represents 16 individual lotteries in a partnership that is called Lotteriegesellschaften. Each independent lottery is staged in various regions in the county and they all run differently from each other. However, they take it in turns to run the DLTB which involves taking over presidency for a period of three years at a time.

German Lotto 6aus49 Draw Schedule

The German Lotto is drawn on a Wednesday evening at 18.25 (CET) and at 19.25 (CET) on Saturday evening. These results are updated shortly after the draw, so if you want to receive up to date draw information, head to this page shortly after each draw.

How to Play and Win German Lotto

To play the German Lotto, players must choose six numbers from a possible 1 - 49, then one additional number from a selection of 1 - 9. This number will be the Bonus ball, which is known as the Superzahl. To win a prize, players must match from two numbers plus the Superzahl upwards. The jackpot is won by matching all six numbers and the Superzahl.

Prizes in each tier are made up of a proportion of the total prize fund, so varies slightly from week to week. If there is no winner of the jackpot, it rolls over to the next draw, and the jackpot will accumulate this way until it is won.

All German Lotto Prizes are paid out in tax free, lump sums.

Buy German Lotto 6aus49 Tickets Online

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