Irish Lotto Prizes

Irish Lotto jackpots are always worth a minimum of €2 million, however if the jackpot isn't won on the night, it will roll over to the following draw meaning that the jackpots in the Irish Lotto can surpass the €15 million mark. This was the case a few years ago when the highest ever jackpot for the Irish Lotto was won. A syndicate of sixteen work colleagues at the Dan Morrissey Ltd quarry and concrete plant in Bennekerry, Carlow won the huge amount of €18,963,441 on 28th June 2008 after correctly selecting the winning Irish Lotto numbers. This particular jackpot had rolled over a total of 16 times before it was won and players in this syndicate each took home over €1.1 million.

Irish Lotto Prize Tier and Odds of Winning

Popularity of Irish Lotto is further helped by having two set prize tiers of €25,000 for matching five numbers and the Bonus Ball and €5 for matching 3 numbers. Details regarding the prize tiers, odds and percentages of prize fund allocations are listed in the table below:

Match Prize Odds of Winning Estimated Prize Fund
6 Numbers Jackpot 1 in 8,145,060 46.15%
5 Numbers + Bonus Ball €25,000 1 in 1,357,510 2.36%
5 Numbers varies 1 in 35,724 5.38%
4 Numbers + Bonus Ball varies 1 in 14,290 1.35%
4 Numbers varies 1 in 772 8.3%
3 Numbers + Bonus Ball varies 1 in 579 5.53%
3 Numbers €5 1 in 48 13.28%

The above percentiles are approximate, but the percentage allocated is never less than this amount, although it can be more, depending on the number of prize winners in each category. The remaining prize fund of 17.65% is added to the reserve fund, in order to be utilised for prize category wins in future draws.