South Africa Powerball

The South Africa Powerball has been available to play since the 23rd October 2009. It is run by Gidani, which is the South Africa National Lottery operator from which the revenue made is distributed to various good causes in South Africa. To date this lottery game has made a huge number of players millionaires and its popularity not only in South Africa but across the world means that this lottery has developed into a very attractive and appealing game to play. Within South Africa, it is estimated that 82% of players will play at least one lottery game each week, making this one of the widest reaching national games in the world.

South Africa Powerball Draw Schedule

The draws for the South Africa Powerball take place on a Tuesday and Friday and are broadcast live at 21:30 CAT on SABC2 from the Red Pepper Studios in Johannesburg. If you miss the South Africa Powerball results you will be available to view them online here, shortly after the draw has taken place. The South Africa Powerball is a double matrix game similar to other Powerball lottery games that can be found in the USA, Australia and New Zealand. Two different machines are used in this game, one draws the five main numbers then another draws the Powerball number.

How to Play and Win the South African Powerball

To play the South Africa Powerball, players must first choose five numbers from a matrix of 1 - 45, then one further number - the Powerball - from a second range of 1 - 20. Player can either choose the numbers themselves or opt for a Quick Pick option, where the series of numbers are automatically generated. Tickets are available to buy from between 06.00 - 23.00 CAT on non-draw days , and from 06.00 - 18.00 CAT on Sundays. On the eve of the draws on a Tuesday and Friday, the ticket sales will close at 21.00 CAT, which is roughly half an hour before the draw takes place.

Players can win a prize on the Powerball by matching from one number and the Powerball, however, to win the jackpot, players must match all five numbers and the Powerball. In total there are eight different ways to win a prize in the South Africa Powerball meaning that there are many prizes to be won every week. Any winnings in the South Africa Powerball are paid out in cash lump sums and currently no tax laws have been placed on winnings in this lottery game.