Australia Wednesday Lotto

The Australia Wednesday Lotto is just one of a family of Australian lotteries, which also includes the Monday Lotto and the Saturday Lotto. Jackpots, or Division 1 prizes, for the weekday lottos are AUD $1 million in each game. This is guaranteed for up to two players, meaning if two players match all six numbers they both get AUD $1 million, instead of sharing it. If more than two winners scoop the big prize, the total prize pot of AUD $2 million is shared between them.

Prior to February 2012, the jackpot would roll if it was not won, and the highest the Wednesday Lotto has ever reached was AUD $6 million back in January 2009, when it was won by a single ticket holder from Nelson, NSW.

Australia Wednesday Lotto Draw Schedule

The Australia Wednesday Lotto is drawn on a Wednesday evening at 20.30pm AEST and is televised in Australia on Channel 9. It can go by several different names including XLotto or Tattslotto. However, with the exception of the Wednesday Gold Lotto in Queensland, all Wednesday Lottos are one and the same. To win the Division 1 prize, players must match the full six. The supplementary numbers are applicable only to lower prize tiers, not the jackpot.

How to Play and Win the Australia Wednesday Lotto

To play the Australia Wednesday Lotto, players are required to choose six numbers out of 45. Players can either choose their own numbers or can opt for a Quick Pick option, which means their numbers are automatically generated. Some players prefer to do this as it ensures the full matrix of numbers is covered, rather than choosing their numbers using important dates or birthdays, which often means numbers do not go above 30.

During the draw, six numbers are drawn from the pool first, and then two more numbers are drawn, named supplementary numbers. This means a total of eight numbers are drawn out of the drum, although players only pick the main six numbers.

The supplementary numbers provide additional chances for the player to win prizes should they miss out on the top prize. The top prize - or Division 1– is achieved by players matching all six numbers. The supplementary numbers however, give players who have matched 1 - 3 numbers a chance of still winning a prize, as without the supplementary numbers, players must match four or more.

Like the Monday Lotto, the prize of AUD $1 million is guaranteed for up to 2 winners; if there are more than 2 winners the total prize pool of AUD $2 million will be shared equally amongst the winners. The other five prize tiers are pari-mutuel, and are made up of a percentage of the prize pool.