French Loto Prizes

Most French Loto prizes are pari-mutuel, meaning that their cash value will vary from draw to draw depending on the number of players in a given winning tier. The jackpot is always a fixed amount and the prize for matching the Chance number is set as a €2 reimbursement on the ticket purchased. Here’s a table showing each winning tier, odds of winning and prize fund allocations.

Winning Tier Odds of Winning Percentage of Prize Fund
Match 5 + Chance Number 1 in 19,068,840 19.53%
Match 5 1 in 2,118,760 5.06%
Match 4 1 in 9,631 10.89%
Match 3 1 in 224 4.72%
Match 2 1 in 16 33.72%
Match Chance Number 1 in 18 18.87%
Overall odds of winning any French Loto prize are 1 in 5.99

Out of the total prize fund, the remaining 7.21 percent is allocated to the Super Fund (Fonds de Super Cagnotte).