New Zealand Lotto

The New Zealand Lotto is run by the New Zealand Lottery and the game was launched in July 1987. The inaugural draw took place on the 1st August 1987 with a jackpot of NZ$359,808. Today, the draw is held every Saturday night at 20.00 NZST and has a guaranteed first division prize of NZ$1 million. Should there be no Division 1 winner the top prize will roll over to the next draw but it can only roll a maximum of four times before the prize must be paid out. If there is no top prize winner on the fifth consecutive draw, the prize will roll down and be distributed amongst the next winning tier.

New Zealand Lotto Draw Schedule

Draws of the New Zealand Lotto take place on a Saturday night at 20.00 UTC and are broadcast live on TV2. The latest results are always available to view online shortly after the draw has happened. A full prize breakdown can be found on the New Zealand Lotto Results page the day after the draw, after the results have been confirmed.

The main lotto numbers are all drawn from a single drum which contains numbered balls ranging from 1 to 40. Six main numbers are chosen at random first and players will be required to match all of them to win the jackpot. One further number will be drawn from the remaining pool of 34, which is the Bonus ball.

How to Play and Win New Zealand Lotto

To participate in this game, players must select six numbers in total from a selection of 1 – 40 and match at least three plus the Bonus to win a prize. The Bonus Ball allows players to win three extra prizes in the lower prize tiers and is drawn after the main six numbers. To become a Division 1 winner in the New Zealand Lotto you must match all six of the main draw numbers.

Players can either choose their numbers themselves or opt for a Dip, which will choose the numbers randomly for you. After choosing the six Lotto numbers, players must then decide if they want to add on any extra games, such as the Powerball or Strike, which could see them win extra prizes.