New Zealand Lotto Prizes

The Division 1 jackpot is set at NZ$1 million in every draw. In order to win, players are required to correctly match six numbers from a possible 40. Players can opt to add additional games such as Powerball or Strike onto their ticket to increase their potential winnings. There are a further five prize tiers which require players to match fewer numbers in exchange for smaller prizes.

A breakdown of the odds and prize tiers for the New Zealand Lotto can be found below:

Match Odds Average Prize Amount
Match 6 1 in 3,838,380 Over $400,000
Match 5 plus Bonus 1 in 639,730 $20,159
Match 5 1 in 19,386 $635
Match 4 plus Bonus 1 in 7,754 $60
Match 4 1 in 485 $33
Match 3 plus Bonus 1 in 363 $24

If you are lucky enough to win a prize in the New Zealand Lotto then all winnings are paid out in a tax-free cash lump sum.


Players who opt to add the Powerball to their game will have to pay a small additional fee then choose one further number from 1 to 10. In order to win the Powerball, players are required to match all six Lotto numbers plus the Powerball. This means it is impossible to win the Powerball without winning the Lotto. You can read more details about Powerball here.


Strike is played using the numbers drawn in the main New Zealand Lotto game. Introduced on 3rd April 1993, players have the chance to win extra prizes at a small additional cost. Strike requires players to correctly match the first four Lotto numbers drawn in order to win NZD $100,000, known as Strike 4. Each time players do not match the top prize it rolls over to the next draw, increasing in amount, however it can’t rollover more than ten times. Below the top prize there are three remaining prizes and these are:

Winning Wheel

The last televised Winning Wheel game took place on Saturday 4th July. Players with unclaimed tickets from the game will be able to claim any winnings by contacting New Zealand lottery officials up until one year from the date of the draw on their ticket.

Winning Wheel was launched in August 2004 and gave all players who buy a ticket for the New Zealand Lotto an extra chance to win prizes for no extra cost. Each lottery ticket had a 16-digit Winning Wheel number (the same as the ticket serial number) and in every draw one certain number was drawn out. The player who matched this number was then awarded an all-expenses paid trip to the studio in Wellington where they had to spin the wheel to win a prize.

The wheel consisted of 30 segments and each one has a different prize available to win. Some segments carried a cash prize ranging from NZ$100,000 to NZ$1 million and some contained items such as shopping trips, cars or a NZ$500,000 house and land package. However, if players did not want to go to the studio they could nominate someone to spin the wheel on their behalf or take the minimum guaranteed prize of NZ$25,000.