Lotto Raffle

The Lotto Raffle was introduced on 5th October 2013 as a side-game to the UK Lotto which gives players additional chances to win prizes of £20,000. There are 50 £20,000 raffle prizes to be won alongside each UK Lotto draw and jackpot rollovers will create even more winners.

How to Play Lotto Raffle

Entry to the Lotto Raffle is automatic when you buy a UK Lotto ticket. For every line of numbers you buy, one Lotto Raffle code will be automatically generated and printed on your ticket. Each one is made up of a four-letter colour and eight random digits, for example “AQUA 1234 5678”.

Every code generated will then be entered into the raffle draw and at least 50 will be picked at random to win one of the £20,000 prizes. To win, players must check if the code printed on their ticket matches one of the randomly selected codes during the draw.

There are also special events held throughout the year which will see even more raffle winners. To celebrate the latest UK Lotto changes, the draws on Saturday 5th and Saturday 12th October 2013 both offered 1,000 guaranteed prizes of £20,000.