New Zealand Powerball Prizes

New Zealand Powerball jackpots, or first divisions as they known, are always worth a minimum of NZD $4 million. In order to win this top prize, players have to match the Powerball number drawn along with all six of the main draw numbers in the New Zealand Lotto game. This therefore means that you cannot win the Powerball jackpot without winning the Lotto jackpot, so technically any winner on the NZ Powerball is a winner twice! However, players can win the Lotto jackpot without winning the Powerball jackpot, as the player is required to match the extra number for the Powerball jackpot.

If no players manage to match all seven numbers for the Powerball lottery then the jackpot rolls over to the following draw. This top prize can only rollover a certain amount of times until it reaches NZD $30 million and when this limited has been met or passed then a 'Must Be Won' draw will be held, which if the jackpot is not won then will be split amongst the players in the next winning prize tier.

The biggest prize ever won by a single ticket holder in the New Zealand Powerball took place in the 16th October 2010 and was won by man from Papakura. This particular jackpot was worth NZD $28,710,403 which comprised of NZD $28,309,882 from the Powerball jackpot and NZD $400,521 from the Lotto top prize. However, the largest jackpot to date was NZD $35,224,854 which was shared by two winning tickets on 9th April 2011. One ticket was bought in Dannevirke and the other in Hamilton.

A full breakdown of the odds and prize tiers for the New Zealand Powerball can be found in the table below:

Division Match Required Odds
1 6 main Lotto numbers and Powerball 1 : 38,383,800
2 5 main Lotto numbers, bonus ball and Powerball 1 : 6,397,300
3 5 main Lotto numbers and Powerball 1 : 193,858
4 4 main Lotto numbers, bonus ball and Powerball 1 : 77,543
5 4 main Lotto numbers and Powerball 1 : 4846
6 3 main Lotto numbers, bonus ball and Powerball 1 : 3635