New Zealand Powerball

The New Zealand Powerball is run by the NZ Lotteries, which operates all of the lotteries in this country and it is an optional game played alongside the New Zealand Lotto, which is drawn prior to the Powerball. This extra game has been available to play since February 2001 and has developed into a popular additional game as it gives players the chance to increase their Lotto winnings dramatically


New Zealand Powerball Draw Schedule

New Zealand Powerball draws take place once a week on a Saturday night at 20.00 NZST at the Avalon Studios in Lower Hutt, Wellington. They are broadcast live on television on channel TV2, however they will be available to view online here shortly after the draws has taken place.

The draws work in the New Zealand Powerball by using two different machines. One machine contains balls ranging from 1 - 40 and at first six numbers are drawn which are the main numbers for the NZ Lotto game. Then a Bonus Ball is picked out from the remaining 34 numbers to help players win supplementary prizes. The second machine contains balls ranging from 1 - 10 and one ball is drawn from this machine, which is the Powerball. So, not only is it possible for players to win both the Lotto and the Powerball but to win the Powerball jackpot players must match all six numbers from the main lotto game first - so in effect, if you win the Powerball, you win twice.

How to Play and Win New Zealand Powerball

Firstly, players have to choose six numbers for their Lotto ticket from between 1 and 40. The NZ Lotto offers a minimum of four lines per purchase, so players will need to pick four sets of 6 numbers. Alternatively, you can opt for a Dip, which will automatically choose your numbers for you, but will require the player to purchase a minimum of 10 lines.

Then, players must choose whether or not they will opt into the Powerball, for a small additional sum. There are two other possible ways to win on the NZ Lotto too, by opting for a Strike for a small additional cost, plus the Winning Wheel, which is included in the cost. Players who opt for the Powerball are required to choose one further number from 1 - 10 per line in addition to the six numbers already chosen.

On the night of the draw, the NZ Lotto is drawn first. Six numbers are drawn initially and then one further Bonus number is drawn from the same pool. These make up the six numbers and one Bonus number of the NZ Lotto draw. Then, a separate drum with the numbers 1 - 10 is used to draw the Powerball number.

To win the Powerball, players must match all six Lotto numbers and the Powerball number (although not in the same order). In addition, there are a further five prize tiers which enable winners to gain supplementary prizes by matching from three numbers, the Bonus and the Powerball.

Strike and Winning Wheel

The two extra games which can be played alongside the NZ Lotto and the Powerball are the Strike and the Winning Wheel. When playing Strike, players will predict what the first four numbers drawn from the Lotto drum will be, and the player wins prizes the more they get right. The top prize for matching all four numbers correctly and predicting the order in which they are drawn will result in a NZ $1 million prize.

The Winning Wheel is included in the NZ Lotto ticket price and is like a raffle. Each ticket has a serial number which is added to the draw as each ticket is sold, and on the night of the NZ Lotto draw one number is picked. The ticket holder to match that number has the option to either guest star on the live Lotto draw TV show and spin the Winning Wheel, where they can win between NZ $100,000 and NZ $1 million, or take an instant NZ $25,000 prize.