In Which Country Are You Most Likely to Win EuroMillions?

In Which Country Are You Most Likely to Win EuroMillions?
Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The EuroMillions jackpot for Friday 9th February is worth a remarkable €128 million (£113 million), which is sure to send lottery fans across the continent into a ticket-buying frenzy as the week goes on. However, does where you play have a bearing on your chances of claiming the jackpot? Find out in which country you are most likely to win EuroMillions.

Most Successful EuroMillions Country

The most successful EuroMillions country in terms of jackpot wins is France. There have been 87 top prizes snapped up in Calais, Cannes and all points in between, three ahead of Spain on 84. The UK is third, with 70 jackpot hauls, just in front of Portugal, which can boast 66 Match 5+2 winners.

Purely looking at the number of winners, though, doesn’t tell the whole tale. France is the most populous of the EuroMillions nations, so you would expect it to outperform the rest. However, the game’s smallest country Luxembourg has only produced two jackpot successes, but that represents one win per 295,333 citizens, compared with France’s tally of a win for every 777,425 head of population. Using that statistic, Portugal reigns supreme, with one EuroMillions jackpot per 156,205 compatriots. 

Total EuroMillions Prize Values

You could look at the total number of EuroMillions prizes, not just the jackpot, that each country has won to determine the nation most likely to succeed. In that case, France takes the lead again. There have been more than €8.7 billion worth of awards made to French players since the game launched in 2004. The UK has scooped £7.5 billion in total, worth €8.5 billion at today’s exchange rate, putting the island nation second. Spain and Portugal sit third and fourth, with €7.7 billion and €5.7 billion won, respectively.

Where Should You Play EuroMillions?

Despite the differing levels of success between the nations, the fact remains that every EuroMillions line has as much chance of winning as any other, whether it was bought in London, Lisbon or Lille. In fact, thanks to online lottery services like, you can even win this Friday’s €128 million jackpot from outside of the nine participating nations.

Wherever you live, choose your EuroMillions numbers now through the Lotto Tickets page.