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The way that players can take part in lotteries has evolved over the years to make it possible to enter games based in other countries via online lottery concierge or betting services. You can now try to win Powerball or Mega Millions without even visiting the US, or enjoy a European lottery from the other side of the world. Take a look at the Tickets page to find out more.

Concierge Winners

Lottery concierge services are an increasingly popular approach with players around the globe, and in recent years there have been a host of big winners. A participant from Baghdad in Iraq entered an Oregon Megabucks draw in August 2015 and won a top prize worth $6.4 million after playing through theLotter, which works by sending out locally-based agents to buy tickets. Scanned copies are sent back to players as proof of purchase and smaller wins are paid out automatically, while big winners like the man from Iraq are guided through the process so they can claim their prizes in person. Powerball fans from El Salvador, Canada and Australia all also won $1 million each on the US Powerball in 2016.

In July 2017, a Panamanian woman won a prize worth $30 million after participating in Florida Lotto through theLotter. 60-year-old Aura Dominguez Canto, who chose to take the cash option of $20.9 million, decided to sign up for the online lottery concierge service after reading an article about Britain’s youngest lottery millionaire, Jane Park.

Another concierge service, WinTrillions, has also created big winners from countries such as Australia, Chile, Paraguay and Ecuador, as well as helping US players who do not live in participating Powerball states to buy tickets. Winners

As an alternative to using concierge services, fans can also bet on the outcome of international lotteries by using sites such as Here, you are placing a wager on the result of a draw rather than buying a ticket or having a ticket purchased on your behalf. The process is very similar and you can win all the same prizes as players who buy tickets. allows players to take part in all the top world lottery games, such as EuroMillions and Powerball, and has produced lots of big winners. Valentin Z, a welder from Enfield, landed a huge €248,000 after matching six of the seven EuroMillions numbers drawn on 21st March 2017. He had registered for the site just weeks earlier, and said the result would be ‘completely life-changing for him and his family’.

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