Why You Should Be Excited for the Second EuroMillions European Millionaire Maker Draw

Why You Should Be Excited for the Second EuroMillions European Millionaire Maker Draw
Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The countdown is officially on for the second ever EuroMillions European Millionaire Maker draw, with lottery lovers across Europe thrilled at the prospect of becoming overnight millionaires. Here are a few reasons to get more than a little excited ahead of the draw on Friday 23rd February:

25 Guaranteed Millionaires

That’s right, there will be 25 new millionaires after the final winning code has been revealed next month – and that’s guaranteed. One of the real lures of the European Millionaire Maker is it can provide an instant seven-figure boost to your bank account, and all you have to do is be in possession in one of the much-coveted winning codes.

Your winning sum comes in £, € or CHF - depending on which country you’ve entered from - and it may almost be time to stop raiding the piggy bank for any loose change you can find.

Only the Second Ever Draw

EuroMillions' European Millionaire Maker draws only happen every so often so, when they do come about, there’s undoubtedly an extra celebratory buzz of eagerness and anticipation. They aren’t weekly or monthly, and with no date set yet for a third draw, it really is something not to be missed.

The last draw took place on Friday 28th October 2016, when 25 millionaires were crowned in one night. It’s almost time to see if you can follow in their footsteps and repeat their gigantic wins.

There were eight winners from France that night, four apiece from Belgium and Spain, a trio of successes from Luxembourg, three from the United Kingdom, a couple from Portugal and one sole winner from Switzerland. Austrian players have an extra chance to win if no one from their country succeeds in the main European Millionaire Maker draw, so one lucky ticket holder celebrated a €1 million windfall that night, but they and Ireland will be hunting for their first proper European raffle victors in February.

Financial Freedom

Winning £/€/CHF 1 million wouldn’t make you as rich as Shane Missler, the recent $451m 20-year-old Mega Millions jackpot winner, but it’s still a life-changing amount that could allow you the financial freedom you have always dreamt of.

Whether you would immediately pay off your mortgage or splash out on a once-in-a-lifetime holiday, the choice is yours. Whatever you decide to do with such a vast sum – property investment is another potential avenue to go down – you’d surely no longer have to worry about skimping and saving on a day-by-day basis.

In A Hurry?

If you can’t wait that long to possibly becoming a lottery winner, there are several tremendous jackpots to keep you going in the meantime. Visit the Lotto Tickets page to pick your numbers for the $92 million Powerball jackpot, or maybe the $7.7m New Jersey Pick 6 draw takes your fancy. Just make sure you mark the European Millionaire Maker draw into your diary, because it could be the time you became one of 25 guaranteed millionaires.