Australia Monday Lotto

Australia Monday Lotto is a quick and easy lottery game that will brighten up anyone’s Monday, as it offers a First Division prize of AU$1 million to players who can successfully match all six main numbers drawn.

While Monday Lotto is played across the country, it goes by several different names. In Queensland, it’s referred to as Monday Gold Lotto, while in South Australia the game is called X Lotto.

Monday Lotto and its counterpart Wednesday Lotto do not “jackpot”, or roll over, if there are no First Division winners in a given draw. The top prize is fixed at AU$1 million - if there are between one and four First Division winners, each will receive a full AU$1 million. If there are more than four winners, then AU$4 million is split equally between them all.

Australia Monday Lotto Draw Schedule

Monday Lotto draws take place at 20.30 AEST (21.30 AEDT). You have until 19.30 AEST to buy tickets on the day of the draw.

How to Play - and Win - Australia Monday Lotto

Players purchase their tickets and select six numbers from 1 to 45. In the draw, eight numbers are randomly selected, with the last two of these acting as supplementary numbers in order to boost the value of certain non-jackpot prizes. If you match all six main numbers, you’ll win the First Division prize! Other cash prizes are awarded for matching as few as one or two main numbers and both supplementary numbers up to five main numbers and one or both supplementary numbers.

If you’re intrigued by this popular lottery game and want to give it a try, you can buy tickets in person from authorised retailers across Australia or online through a concierge service. Whether you’re in Melbourne or Madrid, you can take part in Monday Lotto with ease. Good luck and have fun!