El Gordo Navidad Prizes

El Gordo Navidad offers prizes across 172 different series, meaning that the number combinations printed on tickets are repeated 172 times. While El Gordo Navidad prizes were once tax-free, the Spanish government levies a 20 percent lottery tax on winnings worth €40,000 or more.

Here’s a sample main prize breakdown for each of the 172 series. Players often purchase a decimo (tenth) of a full ticket (called a billete), so the money often gets shared between a number of people who have gone in together on a billete:

Other prizes in a series are awarded as approximation prizes, meaning that the numbers on a person’s ticket closely match the winning number drawn for a specific prize. For example, a player can win an approximation prize for holding a ticket that is one number below or above the winning number in a prize tier. If the winning ticket for El Gordo was 45678, then you would win an approximation prize of €20,000 if your ticket number was 45677 or 45679. Two such prizes are available in each series. Having a ticket number in the same range as the winning number in a given tier can also net you a tidy sum. For example, if the second prize was 34567, all tickets with numbers between 34500 and 34599 would win €1,000 per billete.

Here's how it works:

All of this adds up to €14 million and 15,304 prizes per series - that's €2.4 billion in prize money in total! Why not check out the El Gordo Navidad Results to see what numbers have come up in previous draws.