Biggest Oz Lotto Jackpot of the Year Worth AU$50 Million

Biggest Oz Lotto Jackpot of the Year Worth AU$50 Million
Monday, March 18, 2019

The biggest Australia Lotto jackpot of the year is up for grabs this Tuesday evening, worth AU$50 million. One in five Australians are expected to enter the weekly draw to be in with a chance of landing the eight-figure windfall and becoming a multi-millionaire. Find out more about the jackpot available below, and how you can take part.

“We’ve Seen the Jackpot Gather Momentum”

The jackpot has only been won once so far in 2019, when a couple from Bathurst, New South Wales, scooped AU$20 million on 29th January. The top prize, which can be won by matching all seven main numbers, has been rolling over ever since then for a total of six draws. Several players have come close to bringing the run of rollovers to an end in this time, including 180 players who matched six numbers in last Tuesday’s draw on 12th March.

Matt Hart, a spokesperson for The Lott – an official lottery operator in Australia – revealed his excitement at the size of the Oz Lotto jackpot to be won. He said: “We’ve seen the Oz Lotto jackpot gather momentum during the past six weeks to reach the lofty heights of AU$50 million. It’s fair to say there’s no shortage of people wanting to be crowned Oz Lotto’s second division one winner for 2019.

“More than half of the Oz Lotto division one wins in 2018 were from entries where the numbers had been chosen by the ticket holder, including special numbers and birthdates. I know many Aussies will be carefully contemplating their numbers for Tuesday’s draw and hoping to see them make an appearance on the night! We’ll be standing by ready to confirm an Oz Lotto division one win to anyone who holds an entry with all those seven winning numbers in a single game.”

There is no jackpot cap or rollover limit in place for Oz Lotto, which means the top prize will keep on growing if it isn’t won this Tuesday. The odds of winning the top prize are 1 in 45 million, and you can be in with a chance of winning by picking seven numbers between 1 and 45 from any licensed retailer throughout Australia or online.

New South Wales Grandfather Wins AU$1.2 Million

Meanwhile, there was a cause for celebration for an Australia Saturday Lotto player over the weekend who won a AU$1.2 million share of a AU$3.8 million jackpot. The grandfather from the South Coast region of New South Wales was one of three ticket holders to match all six numbers on Saturday 16th March, becoming an instant millionaire, much to his disbelief.

The winner, who revealed he had been playing the lottery for decades, confirmed his jackpot win with officials from the NSW Lotteries two days after the draw. He has decided to remain anonymous, and said: “That’s wonderful! This is life changing! I’m feeling elated. It’s such a great feeling! I was absolutely thrilled when I received an email on Saturday night saying I’d won a prize. I saw the email on Sunday morning and then I checked the numbers online and I just thought ‘wow’! It’s like I’ve been walking in a dream! It’s just great! We’re very excited! I feel so elated. It has transformed our lives.”

He plans to use some of his Saturday Lotto winnings to improve the lives of his children and grandchildren, and also take his wife on a trip around the world. With AU$4 million to be won in this weekend’s Saturday Lotto draw, pick your numbers online today and you could follow on from the delighted grandfather. Best of luck!