Canadian Man Wins Millions For the Second Time In Five Months

Canadian Man Wins Millions For the Second Time In Five Months
Thursday, September 13, 2018

A 28-year-old man who lives in the Winnipeg region of Manitoba, Canada, has created history by winning a lottery prize for the second time in the space of five months. Melhig Melhig won C$1.5 million back in April, and has now won C$2 million to take his total winnings to C$3.5 million in under half a year.

Two Winning Scratch-n-Win Tickets

Melhig landed his first seven-figure windfall, worth C$1.5 million, after buying a C$20 Scratch-n-Win scratchcard from a convenience store in Winnipeg in April. After finding out he had become a millionaire, the winner bought a new home for his wife and children, moving out from their small apartment.

History then repeated itself just months later as Melhig, who is originally from Africa and moved to Canada two years ago, took home a further C$2 million in August. This was thanks to another Scratch-n-Win scratchcard, purchased from a Giant Tiger store in the same area.

Following his second big lottery win, the father has now revealed plans to set up his own business - maybe a gas station or car wash - go back to school, and also help secure his family’s future. He said: "It’s amazing! I feel so happy. I want to improve my English and communication. And I want to learn something useful, like carpentry. I’m young. You always need to think about how to grow."

Andrea Marantz, a lottery spokesperson, stated they were "happy" for the winner, who has overcome extraordinary odds to win two prizes in such a short space of time. Melhig’s odds of winning his first prize were reportedly 1 in 900,000, with even longer odds of 1 in 1.3 million to win his second prize.

Another Two-Time Lottery Winner

According to the Western Canada Lottery Corporation, this isn’t the first time the same person has won two multi-million dollar prizes from the Manitoba region. Phyllis Thomas took home $1 million in 2005, winning an identical amount two years later. Her lucky tickets were C$5 Set For Life Scratch ‘N Win scratchcards on both occasions, bought when she was visiting the area for her grandson’s hockey tournament.

There are some fantastic lotteries on offer in Canada, so if you aren’t in the country to buy a scratchcard from an authorised ticket retailer, you can pick your numbers online from various locations around the world. This Friday’s Lotto Max jackpot currently stands at C$55 million, whilst there’s C$16 million available in Saturday’s 6/49 draw. Best of luck!