First Deutsche Weihnachtslotterie Set to Take Place This Christmas

First Deutsche Weihnachtslotterie Set to Take Place This Christmas
Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Excitement is building amongst German lottery fans ahead of the launch of Deutsche Weihnachtslotterie. The special annual Christmas raffle draw will take place on Boxing Day and offer multiple ticket holders fabulous cash prizes.

What is Deutsche Weihnachtslotterie?

Deutsche Weihnachtslotterie is the brainchild of the Navidad Foundation and offers participants a range of prizes, while donating a percentage of the total ticket sales to charitable organisations across Germany. Based on the hugely popular Spanish Christmas lottery El Gordo, this new creation offers players a high probability of winning the jackpot and provides the satisfaction of helping others during the festive period.

Excess funds from the 2017 draw will be donated to the following charities:

  • Stiftung Lesen - Based in Mainz, this non-profit organisation aids the development of child and adult literacy throughout Germany.
  • The German Children and Youth Foundation - A charity that aims to give children and young people a better standard of living through the organisation of community projects.
  • The Lukas Podolski Foundation - Set up by the former Bayern Munich and Arsenal striker, the charity aims to support sport and education throughout Germany. 

How is Deutsche Weihnachtslotterie Played?

The first Deutsche Weihnachtslotterie will take place on Tuesday 26th December, with players able to purchase tickets online prior to the draw. Each entry costs €20 and players will receive a five digit code, however, unlike traditional raffles, this games offers an unlimited amount of tickets with up to 100,000 different combinations in a single series.

On the night of the draw, a number of codes will be drawn with corresponding codes benefitting from various tiered prizes. The top prize will be €300,000, while the lower tiers will offer sums ranging from €20 to €25,000. For a full list of prizes, visit