Michigan Lottery Introduces Double Play Feature

Michigan Lottery Introduces Double Play Feature
Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Lottery players in Michigan, USA, can now win bigger prizes more often after a new Double Play feature was added to the state’s Lotto 47 and Fantasy 5 games. Find out more about the exciting supplementary game, which launched on Sunday 20th January 2019.

What is Double Play?

The Double Play feature gives ticket holders in Michigan a second chance to win prizes for an additional $1 per line. An extra set of winning numbers is drawn after each Lotto 47 and Fantasy 5 draw, and participating players can match the numbers on their ticket to win prizes worth up to double those on offer in each of the main games.

Double Play is currently only available to play in-store at licensed retailers in The Wolverine State, and cannot be played online. The first ever Double Play draw followed Fantasy 5 on 20th January and saw 989 winners, including four ticket holders who matched four numbers to take home $200 each.   

How to Play 

To participate in the new Double Play draws, players in Michigan just need to visit any licensed retailer and mark the Double Play box on their Lotto 47 or Fantasy 5 playslip. The same line of numbers is used for the regular and Double Play draws, so there’s nothing more for players to do except pay for their ticket, which will show that they have opted in to Double Play.

The Double Play numbers are drawn from the same pool used in the two main games, so the same number can be drawn twice - once in the regular draw and once in the Double Play draw.

What are the Prizes?

In Lotto 47, there are Double Play prizes of $10, $200 and $5,000 to be won for matching three, four or five numbers respectively. The jackpot prize of $1.5 million can be won by matching all six numbers. 

The Fantasy 5 draw sees Double Play prizes of $2, $20 and $200 awarded for matching two, three or four numbers respectively, with a jackpot worth $110,000 given to those who match all five numbers.

The overall odds of winning in Double Play are the same as in the regular draws – 1 in 9 in Fantasy 5 and 1 in 47 in Lotto 47. Double Play jackpot winners have the choice to receive their winnings as annuity payments spanning 30 years, or as a one-off lump sum.

Michigan residents can still enter the EZmatch add-on for an extra $1 per line, giving Lotto 47 and Fantasy 5 ticket holders the chance to win up to $500 on the spot.