South Africa Lotto Plus 1

Lotto Plus 1 is an optional supplementary game that is played alongside South Africa Lotto. The game was added in November 2003, and offers players an extra chance to play their selected numbers in exchange for paying an additional fee. Lotto Plus 1 can be played either with a Quick Pick ticket or by selecting one’s own numbers.

Lotto Plus 1 tickets can be purchased from authorised retailers across South Africa when buying an ordinary Lotto ticket. It is not possible to play Lotto Plus 1 by itself.

South Africa Lotto Plus 1 Draws

Lotto Plus 1 draws follow the main South Africa Lotto draw, and can be watched from 9.56pm on SABC 2. Alternatively, players can visit the South Africa Lotto Plus 1 results page to see results both past and present.

How to Play and Win Lotto Plus 1

To take part in Lotto Plus 1 and have an extra chance of winning, players simply mark the appropriate box on their Lotto playslip and pay R2.50 on top of the regular cost of their Lotto ticket. For a further R2.50, players can also add Lotto Plus 2.

Players attempt to match their own numbers with those drawn, picking up prizes for matching anything from just two main numbers and the Bonus Ball. The jackpot is won by matching all six numbers, and you can visit the Prizes page to find out how much Lotto Plus 1 players can win.