South Africa Pick 3 Prizes

South Africa Pick 3 was decommissioned on 15th March 2019 and is no longer played. The final deadline for claiming prizes is 14th March 2020.

South Africa Pick 3 prizes are based on the type of bet that a player makes and the amount they decide to wager. If a player opts to spend R20 on their bet and chooses a straight bet, they can win R10,000 by matching three numbers in order.

Visit the South Africa Pick 3 page to learn more about the different bet types.

Prizes are fixed, so it does not matter how other many winners there are. If a player wins, they will receive the specified prize. The prizes and odds of winning are displayed in the table below.

Bet Type Odds of Winning R3 R5 R10 R20
Straight 1 in 1,000 R1,500 R2,500 R5,000 R10,000
Mix (3-Way) 1 in 333 R501 R835 R1,670 R3,340
Mix (6-way) 1 in 167 R252 R420 R840 R1,680
Front Pair 1 in 100 R150 R250 R500 R1,000
Split Pair 1 in 100 R150 R250 R500 R1,000
Back Pair 1 in 100 R150 R250 R500 R1,000