California Super Lotto Plus

California SuperLotto Plus was launched in 1986 after the people of the state voted 58% in favour of a state run lottery. Thanks to lottery concierge services, now everybody can take part in the game which is drawn every Wednesday and Saturday evening, not just residents of the Golden State.

SuperLotto Plus jackpot starts off at $7 million, which is won by matching all five main numbers and the Mega number. In the event that the jackpot is not won, the prize pool rolls over to the next draw. There is no rollover cap in the California SuperLotto Plus, so jackpots can often reach huge amounts, with the biggest to date weighing in at a massive $193 million in February 2002.

California SuperLotto Plus draws take place soon after sales close at 7:45pm PST every Wednesday and Saturday at the headquarters of the California Lottery in Sacramento and you can view the results at the California SuperLotto Plus Numbers page shortly after the draw takes place.

How to Play and Win the California SuperLotto Plus

You must select five numbers between one and 47 plus an additional Mega Number from a choice of 27 to play California SuperLotto Plus.To win the jackpot you must match all five main numbers and the Mega Number, although there are an additional eight prize tiers for players who match anything from the Mega Number up. The odds for winning a prize on California SuperLotto are 1 in 23.

The default payment method is an annuity, through which you will receive your winnings in 30 annual instalments. You have 60 days after your claim is approved to choose a cash lump sum if you wish, although the prize will be less than advertised.

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