Canada Lotto Max

Canada Lotto Max replaced Lotto Super 7 in 2009, bringing with it a higher basic jackpot of $10 million compared with the previous game’s $2.5 million.

Canada Lotto Max Draw Schedule

Canada Lotto Max is drawn on a Friday night with ticket sales closing at different times depending on which region you are buying them in. The Numbers page will be updated with the latest results once they have been verified by lottery officials.

How to Play Canada Lotto Max

To play Lotto Max you must choose seven numbers between 1 and 49 which can be selected manually or left to fate via a Quick Pick. You will then be issued with two additional lines containing randomly selected numbers which means you have three chances to win the jackpot!

In order to win the multi-million dollar top prize you must match all seven main numbers drawn, although there are prizes to be won by matching anything from three numbers upwards, with the Bonus Ball boosting your prize should you match three or six main numbers as well.

The Lotto Max Prizes page offers more information on what you will receive in each winning tier.


Canada Lotto Max has a jackpot cap of CA$50 million and, when it reaches that point, a game called MaxMillions is brought into play. For every CA$1 million in additional prize money that would normally have been added to the jackpot, there is a separate draw in which anyone who has bought a Lotto Max ticket is entered. If their numbers for the main game match all seven drawn out in a Maxmillion draw, they win that CA$1 million!

If the Lotto Max jackpot isn’t won, then it stays at CA$50 million with the excess prize fund from ticket sales creating even more MaxMillions draws the next week. This continues every week until someone matches all seven numbers at which point, any MaxMillions prizes that aren’t won are added to the next draw’s jackpot.