Florida Lotto

Florida Lotto was launched in April 1988 and has contributed greatly to the more than $27 billion donated to education in the state by its parent company, the Florida Lottery. For a single stake of $1, players can take advantage of jackpots that begin at a base level of $2 million but often rise well above $20 or even 30 million.

Florida Lotto draws take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 11:15pm local time, and the Florida Lotto Numbers page is updated soon after so that you never have to wait around to find out if you have become a millionaire!

How to win Florida Lotto

Players win the Florida Lotto jackpot by correctly matching six numbers from a choice of 53 with the winning numbers from the relevant draw. Players can win prizes in the main draw for matching as few as three main numbers.

For an additional $1, players can take advantage of the XTRA option, which multiplies a non-jackpot win by up to five times, with the exception of the Match 3 prize, which is set at $25 for all XTRA multipliers. It also has the added bonus of providing the security of another prize tier, with any XTRA ticket holder who matches two numbers receiving a free Florida Lotto ticket, allowing them to try their luck again in the future. The XTRA multiplier is randomly generated before the main draw.

To see the estimated prizes on offer, how they are affected by XTRA and what your odds of winning are whichever way you choose to play, visit the Florida Lotto Prizes page.

Where to buy Florida Lotto tickets

Tickets for Florida Lotto can be bought from any authorised retailer throughout the state or online outside of the U.S. via a secure lottery concierge service.

If you buy your lottery tickets through a concierge service, you can take part in games from around the world and be part of the excitement that comes with gigantic jackpots, wherever they happen to be. It’s entirely safe and you will be sent a scan of your ticket once it has been purchased for a specific draw. You will also be contacted after the draw if you are due a prize, with the money being paid into your online lottery account.