Irish Lotto Prizes

Irish Lotto is popular with players all over the world due to its favourable odds of winning a multimillion-Euro prize by matching all six main numbers drawn. The second prize tier, with an average payout of €100,000 for matching five numbers and the Bonus Ball, is also attractive to anyone looking for a decent return on their stake. Here is a breakdown of your odds of winning in each prize tier:

Match Prize Odds of Winning
6 Numbers Jackpot 1 in 10,737,573
5 Numbers + Bonus Ball Estimated €100,000 1 in 1,789,596
5 Numbers Varies 1 in 44,740
4 Numbers + Bonus Ball Varies 1 in 17,896
4 Numbers Varies 1 in 918
3 Numbers + Bonus Ball Varies 1 in 688
3 Numbers Estimated €9 1 in 54
2 Numbers + Bonus Ball €3 Daily Million entry with Plus (2 lines) 1 in 72
The odds of winning any Irish Lotto prize are 1 in 29.

The base jackpot stands at €2 million, although it often rises far above that amount due to regular rollovers. The biggest prize in the game’s history was €19.06 million, which was won by one ticket belonging to a player from Co Mayo in January 2022.

The jackpot can keep growing until it exceeds its limit, which is currently €19.06 million. It is then capped at this amount and no more funds can be added on top. Any money that would usually go to the jackpot is diverted to the highest category with winners. The jackpot can only stay capped for four draws, then in the fifth it must be won.