Lotto China Prizes

Lotto China offers a top prize worth €500,000 for just a €0.50 stake, providing a return on your money that few lotteries can match. When a Lucky Draw takes place, that jackpot is increased by 10x its usual amount up to a huge €5 million. All you have to do to win that is match all the numbers you pick with the winning line.

There are three different prize amounts on offer when you play Lotto China, topped by that incredible €500,000 jackpot. If you don’t match enough numbers to win that, don’t worry, as you can get a free bet for a future draw just by matching the Fú Ball. Below are the different prizes you can win when you play Lotto China, along with the odds of matching each:


The first prize when playing Lotto China is a cool six-figure jackpot of €500,000 (up to €5 million for special Lucky Draws). You win this prize when all six of your numbers and your Fú Ball match the numbers drawn. You don’t need to match the numbers in the exact order they’re drawn, but your Fú Ball must match the winning one – you can’t swap the Fú Ball with any other number.

Second Prize

The second prize when playing Lotto China is €0.50. You win this by matching two or more numbers with those drawn. You don’t need to match the Fú Ball. The prize money will be paid into your online player account and you can then use it to place a bet on any game or withdraw it to your bank account.

Free Bet Bonus

Match the Fú Ball and you win a free bet on a future Lotto China draw. That gives you a 1 in 5 chance of getting another attempt at the €500,000 jackpot. The Free Bet Bonus cannot be transferred to other games.

It’s possible to win the second prize and the Free Bet Bonus in the same draw. If you match two numbers plus the Fú Ball, for example, you will win both prizes. The free bet will be applied to your account for a future draw and the €0.50 will be paid into your player account.

Breakdown of Prizes in Lotto China

The table below shows a breakdown of the prizes available to win in Lotto China. The odds of winning the Free Bet Bonus are 1 in 5 and the odds of winning any prize are 1 in 3.

Prize Category Numbers Matched Prize Per Winner
1st Prize 6 Numbers + Fú Ball €500,000
2nd Prize 2 Numbers €0.50
3rd Prize 0 Numbers + Fú Ball Free Bet