Michigan Lotto 47 Prizes

Michigan Lotto 47 has a minimum starting jackpot of $1 million and there are four prize tiers available for matching three or more numbers.

The overall odds of winning are approximately 1 in 47, and the odds of winning in each prize tier are shown below:

Numbers Matched Odds of Winning Prize
6 1 in 10,737,573 Jackpot (minimum $1 million)
5 1 in 43,649 $2,500
4 1 in 87 $100
3 1 in 50 $5

Double Play Prizes

There are also four prizes to be won in Double Play, a supplementary game which can be entered in-store for an additional $1 per line. The same numbers you pick for Lotto 47 will be entered into Double Play, which takes place immediately after the main game. Double Play numbers also range between 1 and 47, so the same number may appear in both draws.

You must match three or more numbers to win. The jackpot is worth $1.5 million and all other prizes are doubled from the main draw. Jackpot winners can choose to take their prize as annuity payments spanning 30 years, or as a one-off lump sum. The odds of winning are the same in both games, and the Double Play prizes available are shown below:

Numbers Matched Prize
6 $1.5 million
5 $5,000
4 $100
3 $10

EZmatch Prizes

Paying an extra $1 will allow you to enter EZmatch to be in with a chance of instantly winning up to $500. EZmatch numbers are always displayed on the lower part of your Michigan Lotto 47 ticket, and you can win the advertised prize if any of the Lotto 47 numbers you have picked match the EZmatch numbers shown. There are 11 prize tiers overall, and the odds of winning are shown below:

Prize Odds of Winning
$500 1 in 84,000
$250 1 in 42,000
$100 1 in 14,000
$50 1 in 4,942
$20 1 in 2,100
$15 1 in 1,293
$10 1 in 132
$5 1 in 280
$4 1 in 77
$3 1 in 14
$2 1 in 10

Biggest Jackpot

The largest Michigan Lotto 47 jackpot was won in 2020 and it was worth $32.05 million. There were two winners and they equally shared the grand prize. The winning tickets were sold at the Select Wine Shop, 1318 W 9 Mile Rd, Ferndale and at the Lake O Shell #4450, 1203 Jordan Lake St, Lake Odessa.