New Jersey Pick 6 Lotto

New Jersey Pick-6 has been played since May 1980, with the cost of a ticket remaining steady at $1 despite inflation. The value of jackpots has also increased as well as the number of balls that players need to match in order to win the top prize. The minimum jackpot for a draw is $2 million which swells by at least $100,000 every time there is no top prize winner, leading to regular eight-figure amounts on offer.

How to Play New Jersey Pick-6 Lotto

Players must pick six numbers from a choice of 49. In order to win the jackpot, all six numbers must match the winning line drawn on a Monday or Thursday night.

Ticket holders can win prizes ranging from the fixed $3 award for matching three balls up to a potential payout in the tens of millions for matching all six numbers drawn. The amounts for matching four or five balls are dependent on the number of tickets sold and how many other players find themselves in that prize tier. You can learn more about the prizes on offer when you visit the New Jersey Pick-6 Prizes page.

If you’ve bought tickets for Pick-6, you can check how they fared by visiting the Numbers page.

Buy New Jersey Pick-6 Lotto Tickets Online

Lottery players who live in New Jersey can buy their Pick-6 tickets from any of the authorised retailers in the state. If you are outside of the USA or are otherwise unable to visit the Garden State, then you can take advantage of an online lottery concierge service which will purchase the ticket in New Jersey for you. You will receive a scan of your ticket and notification after the draw of any prize that you are due, plus your winnings will then be placed into your lottery account, ready for you to either spend on future lottery games or withdraw.

Tickets do need to be bought a little earlier through a concierge service, as sales can close up to three hours before the scheduled draw. Don’t miss out on a multi-million dollar haul; buy your New Jersey Pick-6 Lotto tickets right away!