Everything You Need To Know About the Canada Lotto Max Changes

Everything You Need To Know About the Canada Lotto Max Changes
Thursday, April 11, 2019

Late last year it was announced that Canada Lotto Max were enacting changes to their draws in May this year. As the time for change grows nearer, for some players the question is yet to be answered: what changes are happening with Canada Lotto Max, and how does it affect you?

What’s Changing?

Jackpot Cap to Increase to CAD$70 Million

Canada Lotto Max is increasing its jackpot cap from CAD$60 million to CAD$70 million, giving you a chance at a larger Lotto Max jackpot than ever before! The guaranteed minimum jackpot of CAD$10 million will stay the same, meaning the jackpots can only get bigger… This isn’t the first time the jackpot cap has been increased; when the game launched in 2009, the cap was set at CAD$50 million, before being increased to the current CAD$60 million cap in 2015.

Draws per Week to Double

The number of Lotto Max draws is also increasing. Currently, one draw is held per week, on Fridays at 9pm. As part of Lotto Max’s changes, the number of draws will double, to two per week. The extra draw will be held on Tuesdays at 9pm, giving you double the chances to win a Lotto Max jackpot.

Number Pool to Increase from 49 to 50

You will have more numbers to pick from as Lotto Max increases its number pool by one, from 49 to 50. This increase in the number pool will mean that the odds of winning decrease, but with two draws a week you’ll have more opportunities to win big.

Two More Prize Tiers to be Introduced

Prizes are set to be awarded for matching the Bonus Ball and four or five numbers – feats that didn’t previously garner rewards. The addition of these tiers gives you more chances to claim a prize each game!


When is this change happening?

Canada Lotto Max will put the changes into effect on May 11th this year. The first affected draw will happen three days later on the following Tuesday, May 14th. The draws will continue to occur at 9pm EST each time.


How will it affect me?

Due to the extra available number in the number pool, the odds of winning the jackpot will decrease from 1 in 28,633,528 to 1 in 33.294,800, and overall odds will decrease from 1 in 6.6 to 1 in 7 – however, the number of draws per week is doubling, giving you more chances to win. With the addition of new prize tiers for matching the bonus plus four or five numbers, the amount of prizes available to win has never been higher.

For more information on odds and prizes, take a look at this handy table:

Match Current Odds Current Est. Prize New Odds New Est. Prize
Match 7 1 in 28,633,528 89.25% 1 in 33,294,800 87.25%
Match 6 + Bonus 1 in 4,090,504 3.15% 1 in 4,756,400 2.5%
Match 6 1 in 99,768 3.35% 1 in 113,248 2.5%
Match 5 + Bonus - - 1 in 37,749 1.5%
Match 5 1 in 1,584 4.25% 1 in 1,841 3.5%
Match 4 + Bonus - - 1 in 1,105 2.75%
Match 4 1 in 71.3 CAD$20 (fixed) 1 in 82.9 CAD$20 (fixed)
Match 3 + Bonus 1 in 76.7 CAD $20 (fixed) 1 in 82.9 CAD$20 (fixed)
Match 3 1 in 8.1 Free Play 1 in 8.5 Free Play
Current Overall Odds: 1 in 6.6 New Overall Odds: 1 in 7


Will the price of a Canada Lotto Max ticket also be affected?

There will be no changes to the price of a Lotto Max ticket. The price will remain at CA$5 for three sets of seven numbers.


Are Maxmillion prizes also going to change?

Maxmillion prizes are unaffected by the Canada Lotto Max changes; the draw prizes will remain at $1 million, and the win criteria – matching all seven numbers exactly – remains the same. Maxmillions will still become available when the Lotto Max jackpot reaches $50 million.


With the changes set to be enacted on 11th May, excitement is brewing for the first draw of the rejuvenated game. For news on the winning Lotto Max numbers, check out our results page. For more on Canada Lotto Max and how to play, take a look at our information page.