Lotto Max Hits CA$70 Million Jackpot Cap Again

Lotto Max Hits CA$70 Million Jackpot Cap Again
Monday, February 24, 2020

The largest prize in Canadian lottery history will be offered for the second time in the space of a few weeks on Tuesday night, after the Lotto Max jackpot climbed to CA$70 million. It has only taken 10 rollovers for the jackpot to hit its new cap.

More Big Jackpots After Rule Change

The Lotto Max rules were changed in May 2019 to allow the top prize to climb as high as CA$70 million. The maximum it had been possible to win was previously CA$60 million.

The top prize reached its new cap for the first time on Friday 3rd January. Nobody won at the first attempt, but a player from Ontario landed CA$70 million in the next draw on Tuesday 7th January. Now, for the second time this year, another maximum jackpot will be put up for grabs.

There has already been a surge of ticket sales over the past couple of weeks as the jackpot has soared towards its summit. Over 1.2 million players picked up prizes in the most recent draw on Friday 21st February, with five ticket holders matching six of the main numbers plus the Bonus Ball to win CA$114,829.

Extra MaxMillions Prizes

When the Lotto Max jackpot gets to CA$50 million, the extra MaxMillions game comes into play. The jackpot keeps increasing by $5 million every time it is not won, and then separate draws are held for every additional CA$1 million that is left in the prize fund.

In the next draw on Tuesday, it is estimated that 20 MaxMillions draws will take place. These draws work in the same way as the main Lotto Max draw - with seven numbers randomly selected from 1 to 50. If you match all the numbers in a MaxMillions draw, you win a share of CA$1 million.

The MaxMillions draws are played at no extra cost, so you get lots of extra chances to win without having to spend any more. If the Lotto Max jackpot is not won on Tuesday, it will mean there continue to be extra MaxMillions draws until it is finally given away. Go to the Lotto Max page to find out more about MaxMillions and how it works.

Tuesday’s draw will be held at approximately 10:30pm Eastern Time. You can find the latest results on the Lotto Max Numbers page straight after the draw.