Saturday Lotto Provides Plenty of Christmas Cheer for Western Australia

Saturday Lotto Provides Plenty of Christmas Cheer for Western Australia
Monday, December 18, 2017

Australia’s Saturday Lotto draw certainly brought with it a hefty dollop of Christmas cheer after four ticket holders won almost $1 million apiece. However, with claims yet to be made for the quartet of prizes, the country’s lottery officials will be working round the clock in order to unite each player with their money before the big day.

The fortuitous foursome each matched the numbers 1, 5, 26, 28, 39 and 45 in the draw on Saturday 16th December. Two of the winning tickets were purchased in Western Australia - one online and the other from Woolstores Lottery Centre and News in Fremantle - and became the state’s 60th and 61st players to land the jackpot this year.

Jackpot Joy in Western Australia

Rex Bassett, the owner of Woolstores Lottery Centre and News, spoke to reporters following the draw and explained that there was a tremendous buzz coursing through the citizens of Fremantle. Clearly caught up in the season of goodwill, Mr Bassett also compared himself to a larger than life gift giver: "I feel like I'm the new Santa Claus!" he exclaimed. "People are getting their tickets out and checking them twice, if you'll pardon the pun.”

How to Play Saturday Lotto  

As the name suggests, Saturday Lotto draws take place every Saturday with tickets available to purchase from authorised retailers throughout Australia and online. The game, which requires players to select six numbers from a pool of 45, regularly offers a multimillion dollar jackpot and boasts five additional prize tiers, with overall odds of winning standing at 1 in 85. Head to the Australia Saturday Lotto page for more information on how to play this exciting lottery.

Megadraw Madness

Saturday Lotto players will now turn their collective attention to the upcoming Megadraw on Saturday 30th December, when a jackpot of $30 million will be up for grabs in an end of year spectacular. Pina Compagnone, a spokeswoman for Lotterywest, one of the lottery companies that offers the game in Australia, was keen to wish players in the area the very best of luck ahead of the draw: "We all have our fingers and toes crossed that Western Australia will prove to be the lucky State once again.”

Ms Compagnone also reminded potential participants that the money raised from ticket sales would help those less fortunate, not just at Christmas, but throughout the year: "The Megadraw is not only set to deliver hundreds of thousands of WA winners – we also expect to generate almost $5.3M for the WA community thanks to players purchasing tickets," she said, before adding: "Plenty of people have bought their tickets already for this popular draw and with $30 million on the line, you've got to be in it to win it.

Will You Win Big Before Christmas?

With the Megadraw still over a week away, why not test your luck by playing one of the other lottery games open to the Australian players, including Monday Lotto, Wednesday Lotto, Powerball and Oz Lotto? Act now and you could be a millionaire by Christmas! Alternatively, you can take part in the Oz Lotto - currently offering a $20 million jackpot- by picking your numbers online. Good luck!