Unregistered Melbourne Player Wins AU$55 Million Australia Powerball Jackpot

Unregistered Melbourne Player Wins AU$55 Million Australia Powerball Jackpot
Friday, January 12, 2018

A Melbourne Australia Powerball player is AU$55 million richer today, but might not even realise their good fortune. Many Australian lottery fans use player cards to buy their tickets, which means officials can contact them in the eventuality of a win. However this week’s winner, from the northern suburbs of the Victorian city, was unregistered, and Australia is on tenterhooks waiting for them to come forward.

Australia Powerball Results

The winning Australia Powerball numbers were 5, 7, 11, 32, 34 and 38 with Powerball 12 and more than a million players picked up prizes ranging from AU$13.20 for matching two main numbers and the Powerball to the AU$55 million jackpot for matching the full winning line. Find the full prize breakdown at the Results page.

Big Australia Powerball Winners

The top prize win is the game’s largest since just over a year ago, when a syndicate of Queensland Department of Education employees shared the same amount. The largest prize ever won on a single Australia Powerball ticket is AU$70 million, claimed by a retired couple from Hervey Bay, Queensland on Thursday 7th January 2016. As the pair were registered with operator Tatts, the husband was alerted to the good fortune when he checked his phone and saw six missed calls from the lottery.  

The biggest jackpot in Powerball history was the AU$80 million split between two players in July 2009.

Claiming Australia Powerball Prizes

The identity of the latest winner, and whether they are an individual or a syndicate, is currently a complete mystery. If no one comes forward, lottery officials will reveal the name of the shop that sold the winning ticket to jog ticket holders’ memories. In the meantime, they have urged all north Melbourne players to carefully check their tickets.

For jackpot, or Division 1 as it is known in Australia, tickets, you must contact the lottery’s headquarters directly, with Tatts based at 411 Collins Street in Melbourne. You can phone ahead on 131 868 to make sure you are the rightful recipient of the monster Powerball prize.

Australia Saturday Lotto has a AU$4 million jackpot pool to give away this weekend, and you can play from wherever you are in the world through the main information page on Lotto.net.