South Africa Lotto Prizes

There are seven prize divisions available in South Africa Lotto. Prize amounts begin at R50 for matching just three main numbers, all the way up to the jackpot prize, which is a guaranteed 60.1% of the total prize fund.

One of the most exciting things about South Africa Lotto is that, unlike a great many lotteries around the world, there is no jackpot cap. This means that the top prize can roll over again and again, growing in size each time, until someone manages to win the lot.

South Africa Lotto players can get their hands on a variety of cash prizes for matching different combinations of balls. Here’s a full breakdown of the prize divisions, how to win them, and the odds of doing so.

Division Number of Balls to Match Odds
Jackpot Match 6 1 in 13,983,816
2 Match 5 + Bonus Ball 1 in 2,330,636
3 Match 5 1 in 55,491
4 Match 4 + Bonus Ball 1 in 22,196
5 Match 4 1 in 1,082
6 Match 3 + Bonus Ball 1 in 812
7 Match 3 1 in 60

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