South Africa Raffle

The South Africa Raffle was launched in late 2016 as National Lottery operator Ithuba developed a new game that could be offered to players at various times throughout the year. Exciting prizes are up for grabs in each edition of the raffle, giving ticket holders the chance to win great awards such as big cash sums or luxury sports cars.

Raffle prizes change from one draw to the next, but tickets are always put up for sale at least 60 days in advance. The draws are carried out using a random number generator which selects winning codes from a pool of all entries. This process is overseen by an independent auditor.

How to Play the South Africa Raffle

The cost of raffle tickets varies from R25 to R100, and players can buy them from National Lottery retailers or through RA Cellular and A2Pay channels. There is usually a limited supply of tickets so there are only a certain number of them available per person.

Everyone who takes part receives a unique, randomly generated ticket number, and will win a prize if they exactly match one of the winning numbers drawn on the night of the raffle. The odds of winning vary depending on how many tickets are sold.

Previous Raffles

The most recent raffle took place on 29th December 2018 and awarded six lucky players with brand new homes worth R2 million each. Another 50 players won R10,000 each.

The first ever raffle was held on 30th December 2016. Players had the chance to win a top prize of a new Mercedes-Benz C-Class Cabriolet worth around R689,000. Fifteen of these cars were given away, along with cash prizes of up to R100,000. The total value of the prize pool was R41 million.