South Africa Raffle Prizes

South Africa Raffle prizes are decided by National Lottery operator Ithuba and announced ahead of each new draw. As the raffle codes are unique, the number of prizes is guaranteed in each game and there are several different awards available.

Prize information for the most recent South Africa Raffle draw can be found below:

The latest South Africa Raffle draw was held on Saturday 30th December and offered 25 Mini Cooper convertibles. There was also R5 million in cash prizes to be won.

Prizes Number of Prizes Odds of Winning
F57 MINI Cooper Convertible (WG32) 25 1 in 60,000
R 10,000 300 1 in 5,000
R 2,500 1150 1 in 1,304
Total 1,475 1 in 1,017

Claiming Prizes

Prizes with a value up to R 2,000 can be claimed from any National Lottery retailer in South Africa. For prizes worth R 2,000 to R 50,000, you must go to a post office to claim your winnings. All claims must be made within 365 days. This means prizes from the Raffle on Saturday, December 30th 2017 will expire on Sunday, December 30th 2018.

Previous Draws

To date, there have been three South Africa Raffle draws, each offering lavish top prize tiers and additional categories with cash rewards. Here are the details of previous draws and the top prizes on offer:

Draw Date Prize Number of Prizes Awarded Odds of Winning
30th December 2016 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Cabriolet 15 1 in 133,333
Saturday 27th May 2017 R1 million 12 1 in 166,666
30th December 2017 Mini Cooper Convertible 25 1 in 60,000