Texas Lotto

Texas Lotto was lauched on the 7th November 1992, with the first draw taking place the following week. The game was an immediate hit, helping the Texas Lottery exceed $1 billion in sales within a year of its launch.

Texas Lotto Draw Schedule

Texas Lotto is drawn at 10:12pm CT on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays with results and a breakdown of prizes listed on the Texas Lotto Numbers page shortly afterwards.

How to Play and Win Texas Lotto

When buying your Texas Lotto tickets you need to select six numbers from 1 to 54 or allow the terminal to pick a line at random by using the Quick Pick option. You must match at least three numbers to win a prize on a standard game.

You can also pay a further $1 to add Extra! to your ticket which boosts all non-jackpot prizes and creates an additional winning tier, allowing you to claim $2 for matching just two of the winning numbers.

The jackpot starts at $4 million and is won by matching all six numbers. The top prize will roll until someone wins, meaning that it can often reach massive totals.