$47 Million Lotto Texas Jackpot Is Biggest In US

$47 Million Lotto Texas Jackpot Is Biggest In US
Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Lotto Texas’ incredible run of rollovers has continued in recent weeks, leading it to become the biggest jackpot in the United States at the current time. At $47 million, the Lotto Texas jackpot eclipses the $34 million and $32 million offered by Powerball and Mega Millions respectively.

The prize has rolled over for an incredible 73 consecutive draws to reach its highest amount in a decade. It was last won on January 15th by a player in the city of Laredo, on the border with Mexico, and was worth $17.5 million. Following that draw, the jackpot reset to its starting value $5 million and has continued to climb ever since. It stands at an estimated $47 million for the next draw on Wednesday September 30th, with an estimated cash value of $39.8 million.

The last time the jackpot reached such an amount was back in 2010, when it eventually reached $97 million and was won in May of that year by the Bilmar Trust from Dallas. The biggest Lotto Texas jackpot in history came in June 2004 and was worth $145 million. The prize was claimed by a trust in El Paso known only as VOM Enterprises.

This extraordinary run of rollovers means that Lotto Texas can lay claim to having the biggest lottery jackpot available in the U.S. at the moment, even ahead of the big multi-state games. What’s more, it’s the second-biggest jackpot on offer anywhere in the world, just slightly behind Italy’s SuperEnalotto, a game that frequently goes months without seeing a jackpot winner.

Powerball and Mega Millions have both had jackpot winners in the last two weeks, following which each jackpot reset to its starting value of $20 million. It won’t be long before those prizes roll over to be worth more, but for now Lotto Texas is in the rare position of leading the way.

For Gary Grief, the executive director of the Texas Lottery, the enormous jackpot couldn’t have come at a better time, as the lottery celebrates another year of record sales. “Never in the 28-year history of the Texas Lottery has a year unfolded quite like Fiscal Year 2020 did,” Grief said, “and our success is attributed first and foremost to our hard-working retailers.

“In a year marked by uncertainty in so many ways, these record achievements are especially noteworthy. Our retailers should be as proud as we are of their hard work and support for the schoolchildren and veterans of Texas.”

Revenue from Texas Lottery games is used to fund education and support the state’s veterans. Since 1997, the lottery has contributed more than $25 billion to the state’s Foundation School Fund  and has also contributed more than $140 million for veterans programmes in the last decade.

Lotto Texas is the state’s longest-running game and has been played since 1992. To play, you have to pick six numbers from 54 and match all of them with the winning numbers to hit the jackpot. Tickets cost $1 per play and are available from any licensed lottery retailer in Texas.