EuroMillions Jackpot Worth €138 Million, Plus Many Other Ways to Win Big

EuroMillions Jackpot Worth €138 Million, Plus Many Other Ways to Win Big
Tuesday, February 13, 2018

EuroMillions has hit its highest value since 6th October 2017, with a jackpot worth €138 million (£121 million) available on Tuesday night. Back in the autumn, a Spanish player matched all five main numbers and both Lucky Stars to bank an incredible €190 million (£170.8 million), the largest sum possible in the pan-European lottery, and excitement is building to similar levels ahead of this evening’s draw.

However, the EuroMillions jackpot is not the only way to win big this evening. Each of the nine participating countries boasts its own additional games, many of which are included in the ticket price and come with very healthy top prizes of their own. Find out about some of the most popular supplementary draws here:

UK Millionaire Maker

At least two UK players win £1 million (€1.1 million) each in every draw. Entry to this raffle-type game is included in the line price of £2.50 and comes in the form of a unique code printed on the player’s ticket. Only raffle codes generated for that draw are entered into the raffle, meaning that the game always creates two new millionaires.

My Million in France

French EuroMillions players also have the chance to win €1 million in every draw. My Million works in the same way to UK Millionaire Maker, with one winner in each draw.

El Millon and M1lhao

Spain and Portugal also guarantee to create millionaires on a weekly basis with the supplementary draws El Million and M1lhao, respectively. In both games, all EuroMillions entries during the week generate a code, and a draw takes place on the Friday to determine the €1 million winner. Even if you only play on a Tuesday, you can still win the seven-figure prize in either of these additional games.

Other Additional EuroMillions Games

Every other EuroMillions nation offers an additional EuroMillions game, whether it is a raffle or a second chance draw for your EuroMillions numbers, like in Luxembourg or Switzerland.

Find out more in the Additional Games section. Only Austria doesn’t include a supplementary draw in the ticket price for the main game, but their EuroMillions entries cost just €2; the cheapest of any member country. Austrian players will be able to take part in the forthcoming European raffle draw, known by different names in each country, on Friday 23rd February at no extra cost.

EuroMillions Jackpot

Of course it would be fantastic to win any of the supplementary draws, but the matter of tonight’s gigantic EuroMillions jackpot of €138 million still remains. For a simple, secure and swift way to stake your claim for the nine-figure sum, visit the Lotto Tickets page to choose your numbers online now.