Where Are The Largest Jackpots in the World This Week?

Where Are The Largest Jackpots in the World This Week?
Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Lottery fans around the world are no longer restricted to just playing the games which are based in their own country. Online services can help you to choose numbers and bet on the outcome of a draw on the other side of the planet, send an agent on your behalf to buy a ticket or allow you to join an online syndicate to boost your chances of winning. So where are the biggest jackpots this week?

European Lotteries

There are a couple of magnificent prizes up for grabs in the multinational European lotteries this week. Eurojackpot reached its cap of €90 million last Friday night and nobody matched all the numbers, so the game will now stay at its maximum level until there is a winner. As additional funds are diverted to the next tier down, it creates the opportunity to win multimillion-euro awards even if you miss out on the jackpot.

The top prize in EuroMillions is just behind Eurojackpot at £64 million. Six draws have passed since an Austrian ticket holder pocketed €45 million (£39 million) on Tuesday 8th May, but participants have continued to pick up prizes in the other 12 tiers and have a variety of supplementary games to enjoy in the nine participating countries. Apart from EuroMillions and Eurojackpot, the top prize in Italy’s SuperEnalotto has also gone past the €40 million mark.

US Lotteries

Mega Millions and Powerball have both been won this month, but the games have hefty starting jackpots of $40 million and are already starting to climb quickly again. Mega Millions is up to $97 million following a run of seven rollovers since a player from Ohio won $142 million on Friday 4th May. A Powerball player from New Jersey scooped $315 million on Saturday 19th May, but the top prize has already surged back up to $60 million.

Rest of the World

Other lotteries around the world might not offer jackpots on quite the same scale, but the odds of landing big prizes may be more favourable. Australia Powerball, for example, changed recently to offer more ways of winning and better overall chances. The Division 1 Prize is worth a very impressive AU$40 million for the next draw on Thursday.

In South Africa, the biggest prize currently on offer is the R50 million in South Africa Powerball, but there are a range of other games to choose from. It may be that you decide to give Brazil’s Mega Sena a go, and pick numbers for the R$30 million draw later on Wednesday.

Whether you like the sound of Mega Sena, Mega Millions or EuroMillions, you can check the full list of options at the Lotto Tickets page, and then check the winning numbers at the Lotto Results section. Good luck!