How to Play Powerball from Illinois

The Illinois Lottery suspended ticket sales of Powerball at the end of June 2017. However, residents of Illinois can still play the game until sales resume by visiting other states or using online services.

Visit Other States

If you are a resident of Illinois you can still buy Powerball tickets from official retail outlets in other participating states. However, you will not only have to cross state lines to purchase your ticket, but also return to the same state to claim any prize if you do win.

Online Services

As an alternative to travelling outside the state, you can use an online lottery messenger service to keep enjoying Powerball. The only difference is that the tickets are being bought on your behalf.

How It Works

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12x Rollover

Click on the link above. Choose how many lines you would like to play and whether you would like to select your own numbers or a random quick pick. There is also an option to join an online syndicate.

Select how many draws you would like to enter. The price is displayed underneath so you can check your order before confirming your payment.

A representative of the lottery messenger service will then go out and buy the tickets you ordered from a retailer in a participating Powerball state. They will upload a scanned copy of the ticket to your online account as proof of purchase.

You will receive an automatic notification if you win and prizes of up to $600 will be transferred straight to your account. For any larger sum, you will be contacted directly to help you claim your winnings.

Playing Powerball from Illinois FAQs

Find answers to some of the most popular questions surrounding the suspension of Powerball in the Prairie State.

Question: Why can’t I buy Powerball tickets in Illinois?

Answer: The Multi-State Lottery, which runs Powerball, does not currently permit the Illinois Lottery to sell tickets as the operator does not have the required ‘Fiscal Year 2018 appropriation’ from the state’s legislature to fund prize payments.

Question: When is Powerball coming back to Illinois?

Answer: The timing of a return is ‘unknown’, according to the Illinois Lottery. However, the Illinois Lottery has stated that it will work with the Multi-State Lottery Association to bring the game back just as soon as a budget agreement has been reached.

Question: Can I still play Powerball if I live in Illinois?

Answer: Yes. You can travel to another state to buy tickets or use an online lottery messenger service. If you visit another state, you will have to claim any prize you win in the same state.

Question: What is a lottery messenger service?

Answer: A lottery messenger service allows players to take part in games without being located in the state or even the country where they are staged. You are still buying tickets, but agents of the messenger service go out and purchase them in your name. A scanned copy of the tickets will be sent to you before the draw.

Question: Can I still win the same prizes?

Yes. There is no commission or fees on any prizes you win through a lottery messenger service, and there is no charge to claim your prize.

Visit the Powerball FAQs page to find out the answers to more queries you may have about the game.