French Loto FAQs

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Question: When do French Loto draws take place?

Answer: French Loto draws are held on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday evenings at 20.35 CET.

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Question: What time do French Loto ticket sales close?

Answer: Ticket sales for French Loto close at 8pm, shortly before the draw takes place.

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Question: Can I buy French Loto tickets if I don’t live in France?

Answer: You can choose French Loto numbers online for the chance to win the prizes on offer in each draw, wherever you live in the world

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Question: Does the French Loto have a minimum guaranteed jackpot?

Answer: The minimum guaranteed Loto jackpot is €2 million.

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Question: What are the odds of winning the French Loto jackpot?

Answer: To win the top French Loto prize, you must match all five main numbers drawn as well as the Chance number. Your odds of doing this are approximately 1 in 19,068,840.

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Question: Is there a rollover limit or jackpot cap for French Loto?

Answer: The Loto top prize can roll over 34 times. If no one matches all five main numbers and the Chance number after this time, the money is rolled down and shared between players in the next winning prize tier.

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Question: Is there a deadline for claiming French Loto prizes?

Answer: The deadline for claiming French Lotto prizes depends on whether you bought your ticket online or in-person from an authorised retailer. If you purchased a physical ticket, you will have 60 days to collect your winnings. If you played online in France, prizes are paid out to your player account or your bank account after security checks have been performed.

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Question: Will I have to pay taxes on any French Loto prize that I win?

Answer: French Loto prizes are paid out as a tax-free lump sum. However, players who reside outside France should consult with a local financial adviser to see if they will be liable for any taxes in their own country.

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Question: When is the next French Loto draw?

Answer: Monday 23rd April 2018.

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Question: What's the current value of the French Loto jackpot?

Answer: The current value of the French Loto jackpot is €0.

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Question: How much does it cost to buy a French Loto ticket?

Answer: : A single ticket costs €2.20. The price of a ticket includes entry to the French Loto Raffle.

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Question: What was the largest French Loto jackpot ever won?

Answer: The largest ever France Loto jackpot was worth €24 million and was won by a single ticket holder in June 2011.

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Question: What can I win in the French Loto Raffle?

Answer: The French Loto Raffle guarantees ten prizes of €20,000 in each draw. Players are automatically entered into the raffle when they buy a French Loto ticket.

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Question: What is the Grand Loto de Noël (Big Christmas Lotto)?

Answer: The Grand Loto de Noël (Big Christmas Lotto) is a special draw taking place in France on Friday, 22nd December 2017. The Loto jackpot will be €20 million and 100 raffle codes will be drawn, each providing a guaranteed prize of €20,000.

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